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The Angry Bodhisattva by: Rev. Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD


A Bodhisattva is a volunteer. A volunteer who has put off his own ascension, his own absorption into the Oneness of God, his own transition into the promised paradise that awaits all who learn in their cycles of lives to attain the Godlike quality of a Christ or a Buddha. In other words, they could have left this near God forsaken rock-in-space and carried on with their spiritual development; enjoying the fruits of their lifetimes of suffering. Instead they chose to stay here on this cute blue orb in the hinterlands of the galaxy to help those still thick enough to think that this place is so wonderful that they want to stay here forever!

When God has a message for people as individuals or en mass, His first communication comes through as a gentle tap. If not heeded that tap turns into a nudge. If the nudge is ignored then comes the shove. After the shove comes the kick in the ass! Well in it's finite wisdom mankind has chosen to ignore all of the gentle warnings so mankind is about to get the kick in the ass. We are at the end of the age, the end of the school season. It's time to graduate or get left back. (God does not run a permissive school like we do in politically correct society. If you haven't learned your lessons you don't advance to the next grade - you get left back and maybe even dropped a grade. This is the real concept of hell - staying here. If you don't think this is hell or at least purgatory, then you haven't advanced enough spiritually to realize what is on the other side of our three dimensional reality. Period)!

But God always provides for His children. He has asked for and found volunteer souls advanced enough to be able to leave, who He has asked to put off their own advancement and act as tutors to those who at the last minute figure things out and attain the great "Oh Yeah" light bulb over their souls. Great for the souls who get it; but imagine how you would feel if you had your Ph.D. and were struggling, without pay (yet), to bring backwards third graders to an understanding of algebra. And, what if those third graders didn't recognize you as a tutor with superior intellect and understanding. What if they thought your semi-direct connection with God was weird and that you should be ignored or ridiculed or worse, persecuted and even "gotten rid of". Third graders working in mass with mass animal mind can reek a great deal of damage. Witness all of the genocide's of this century. (Seven by my count). And what-if to make matters worse - there was an evil force opposing the advancement of the planet because it (they) fed directly off of the negative energy generated by deeds of murder, wrongdoing and destruction? You would be fairly bummed out, tired and ready to throw in the towel asking the Father to finally take you back home, wouldn't you?

That is the state of hundreds of thousands of the "helper souls" or Bodhisattvas on the planet at present. You all know or have an inkling of who you are! You are beat, you are frustrated, and sick that most of the hoy-polloy simply are not getting it!!! You're tired of the jeers, the insults, and the lack of understanding mankind has for its attitudes and ways of carrying on. You want to find a quite cave or cabin in the mountains and spend the rest of your sentence, oh excuse me...life, in study, meditation and Mystical Union. But 'life' isn't letting you. That's not what you volunteer for! In the military service we had a saying that there were "fools, dammed fools and volunteers". Well for all of you volunteers - we're here to give you some consolation, a little bit of love, a little bit of humor and some moral strength to complete your mission. As with the military there is nothing as important as completing the mission. Regardless of how daunting or impossible that mission may seem.

Some Bodhisattva's are here to teach softly subjects that could be considered Yin. Some protector Bodhisattva's are here to be very Yang and kick ass, hopefully finally reaching those who would not learn any other way. (Yes, I know this goes against the grain of the "We are the World", "There are no bad dogs or humans" school of new age thought. Too bad! Wake-Up! It's too late in the game for fantasy. The folks who live by violence learn their best lessons when violence is done to them. Read the story of Milarepa the black magician turned Buddhist saint. The rod was not sparred on him for his murders). 

Whichever kind of these Bodhisattva's you are take heart, stay strong and let us join you on your path for a spell.