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Dr. Charles W Turner ND, DC, DO

Dr. Charles W Turner

Dr. Charles W. Turner ND, DC, DO, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, first black man to earn each of those degrees and also a DSc. Inductee Member of the Hall of Science in Dusseldorf.   Soldier, member of the famous and highly decorated 369th Harlen Hell Fighters Regement in WWI.  Healer, pioneer and giant among men. The great Guru in Natural Healing and Balance in life. My mentor in Naturopathic. His balance of Yin and Yang is a shining example of how we can all live life fully.

Professor William Chisolm

Professor William Chisolm

Professor William Chisolm ("Doc" Chisolm) head of Sports Medicine at Brooklyn College. My mentor in Sports Medicine and life. He was an innovator, councilor, healer and a true teacher pointing the way.

Dr. Moore

Dr. E. A. Moore

Dr. E.A. Moore.  Nephrologist, Great Grand Master of Kempo, founder of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.   An inspiration to martial artists and health professionals on how to climb out of the inner city, and become your own man.